Instructions for contributors


Manuscript should be sent in pdf and Word format (or similar) to the Editor of the Journal (; ) or through OJS (

Only manuscripts composed according to the guidelines indicated in the “Instructions” of the Journal, which can be downloaded from this page, will be accepted for evaluation. For the elaboration of the bibliographic references, the magazine uses a version of the “Chicago” style manual adapted to the Latin languages, whose “format” can be downloaded from Zotero, Mendeley and this website.

Before being accepted for publication, the articles will be submitted to a peer review process (with the “double-blind” peer-review system) to ensure their suitability for the objectives of the Journal. This evaluation is carried out by external referees, experts in the respective subjects. In addition, various software will be used to detect possible plagiarism.

By submitting an article, the Author grants the Journal a license to use it and transfers to it the “rights to the first publication” (printed and digital) and the various ways in which it can be disseminated through other media. The Author retains the “copyright” of the articles published in this magazine, but may only use the same results in other publications, clearly indicating that Revista Biblica is the source of the original publication and stating the exact reference.


Download styles for Bookends, EndNote, Zotero y Mendeley

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Code of conduct

Revista Biblica does not necessarily identify with the opinion expressed by the authors in their respective articles. But in the process of admission of articles for publication, seeks to ensure honesty and intellectual independence, ethical integrity academic and research, and respect for intellectual property, adhering to the Code of Conduct of the Committee on Publication Ethics

COPE Code of Conduct. In case of suspicion of malpractice, the Editorial Board will first address the author and, if no satisfactory answer is obtained, will communicate its doubts or comments to the authors’ institution so that they can investigate what happened. In case of proven fraud, it will publish the news in the next issue.


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