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Jorge M. Blunda Grubert

Seminario Mayor de Tucumán (Argentina) / Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (España)

e-mail: revistabiblica@abargentina.org

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Revista Biblica is made up partly of ABA members and partly of outsiders. It sets the editorial policies and guarantees their application by ensuring the quality, originality and relevance of the works accepted. Its members propose themes, authors and referees or evaluators according to the different specialties. They are in charge of managing the peer review process and deciding on the acceptance of articles for publication, according to the editorial guidelines and the opinion of the respective reviewers, also guaranteeing the observance of the code of conduct.

International Advisory Board

This scientific board of Revista Biblica is made up of highly prestigious researchers who are not ABA members. They advise the editorial board and guarantee the scientific quality of the journal and the academic rigor of the published works.


  • Daniel Cutri, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Leandro Verdini, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Edgar Toledo Ledezma, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (España)
  • Mariana Zossi, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (España)


Editorial Verbo Divino

Avda. Pamplona, 41,

31200 Estella (Navarra), España

Tel. +34 948 55 65 11

Correo electrónico: evd@verbodivino.es


  • 0034-7078 (edición impresa)
  • 2683-7153 (edición en línea)
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