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Revista Biblica was founded in 1939 by Dr. John Straubinger as a subsidy “for the understanding of Sacred Scripture” because he was convinced of the irreplaceable place of the Word of God in the life of the Church, he wanted to make use of the instruments and the results of the nascent Biblical Science, to help the People of God to meet more and more with the riches of the bread of the Word.


Today the Journal publishes original articles (preferably in Spanish or Portuguese) related to the biblical sciences, including research of a philological, literary, exegetical, historical or theological nature.


The publication of scientific research articles seeks to foster communication among scholars and to make the results of the biblical sciences available to those who are not experts in the same field. It is also intended to reach pastors, theology graduates, students and teachers in colleges and universities.


The Journal is owned by the Asociación Bíblica Argentina (ABA), a civil association that brings together writers from this country and the region. The board of directors of the ABA appoints a Director and entrusts him with the direct management of the journal, the formation and coordination of an Editorial Board plus the annual report and consultation of the Advisory Board.


Revista Biblica publishes four issues a year, edited in two fascicles that appear in June (n.1-2) and December (n.3-4) respectively.


The Journal’s articles and abstracts can be found in the ATLA Religion Database y DIALNET. Its articles are digitized and the full text can be downloaded -after one year of publication- from its own website (https://www.revistabiblica.com).

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