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Revista Bíblica 82.1-2 (2020)


Biblical Studies in Latin America: Memory and Promise


Cássio Murilo Dias da Silva: The Didactic Function of the Fool in the Book of Qohelet.

Andrea Hojman: Who is Israel? An Anthropological Approach to Identity Construction Process of “Israel”in Deuteronomistic History.

SueʼHellen Monteiro de Matos: The Josiah’s Reform and Legitimation of Violence. Archaeological-historical Considerations, Exegetical and Hermeneutic in Gender Perspective from 2 Kgs 23,1-25.

Juan Sebastián Hernández Valencia: The Discoursive Sections in the Gospel of Matthew. Study of Its Structure and Literary Patterns.

Pablo Vernola: Mk 8:27-33: A Proposal of Identity for Disciples in Times of Crisis.

Juan Alberto Casas Ramírez: Silence and Conflict in the Gospel of Mark. Approach to their Explanation from Colombian Conflict.

Massimo Grilli: Relevance of Pragmalinguistics in Biblical Hermeneutics.

Elsa Tamez: Latin American and Caribbean Reading of the Bible and Postcolonial reading of the Bible: A Critical Comparison.


Massimo Grilli: Biblical Theology Today. Guidelines and Challenges.

Leonardo Pessoa da Silva Pinto: Exegesis and Theology: The Mediation of Biblical Theology.


H. Gossai (ed.), Postcolonial Commentary and the Old Testament (A. Hojman)

A. Giambrone, Sacramental Charity, Creditor Christology, and the Economy of Salvation in Luke’s Gospel (E. A. Toledo Ledezma)

P. Costa, Paolo a Tessalonica. At 17,1-10a: esegesi, storia, diritto (E. de la Serna)


S. F. David Llácer, El “Camino Santo” (Is 35,8) (Leandro Ariel Verdini)

B. Estrada – L. G. Sarasa (dirs.), El Evangelio de Juan. Origen, contenido y perspectivas (V. R. Azcuy)

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